Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in West London

West London is one of the busiest parts of London as commuters pass through this area of London on their way to the city centre, people visit here for the quieter lifestyle afforded by the suburban setting, and some people visit solely for the architecture. All in all, your reasoning for visiting this place doesn't matter as much as having a solid itinerary planned. There is enough history, culture, and famous architecture here for anyone to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do in the area.

Urban Architecture in West London

Architecture in this area of London is extremely diverse. It is noted for its ability to provide visitors with an exceptionally holistic understanding of the various styles of English architecture. Here, people can see ancient artefacts of the Middle Ages, ubiquitous rural farm cottages, and everything in between.

In Uxbridge, Brunel University is one of the most commonly-visited architectural sites in town. The University's main buildings are now primarily modern in design, however much of the old student housing and ancillary buildings still maintain their ancient feel. The University is one of the best-performing public research universities in the United Kingdom, so it also has a bustling population of students and staff that add to its character.

In Hounslow, there are many architecturally significant buildings. However Osterley House is one of the few buildings that merges both architectural and historical significance. The building itself is built as a testament to practical English design. Historically, the house is famous for the role it played in training Tom Wintringham's home guards during World War II. The house is in national trust now, and is open to the public for tours.

Urban Photography in West London

Photographers in this part of London are known for taking a more in-depth approach to their art. The local photographers are always trying to find a way to capture the essence of buildings and cultural events here in a way that they have never been captured before. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with the most popular photography group in the area: the Photo Adventure Camera Club in Uxbridge.

The Photo Adventure Camera Club meets regularly and is comprised of mostly action and event photographers. There are a number of photographers here who work in portraiture and artistic photography as well. The group meets regularly to help members develop skills in photo editing and other general photography skills. The group's website is full of interesting information about the area, and has many photos of the area up to be viewed.

Urban Tours in West London

The tourist industry is a huge part of West London, with walking and coach tours being quite a large part of the local economy. The popularity of these tours is not simply limited to what they offer the area in an economic sense. These tours are also a very popular way for locals to learn about their surroundings as well. This passion for learning about history is most prevalent in the city of Hounslow, where tours are extremely popular.

The most popular tour company operating out of West London is called Hounslow Heritage Guides. The company offers a wide range of walking tours that explore the storied past of the area. It also offers the standard coach tours that visitors most commonly expect from tour companies in this area. The coach tours are very popular with people who want to become immersed in a more complete picture of what West London really has to offer.

Getting to and around West London

West London is easily accessible via a variety of transportation options. West London is very well connected via an extensive public transportation network with both bus and London Underground services. You could also choose travel by bicycle using either your own or a hired bike from Barclays Cycle Hire (or Boris bikes) stations. If you choose to drive your own car in South London it is advisable to check whether you need to pay the congestion charge before you make your journey. If you are yet to obtain your UK drivers license and are looking to take driving lessons you can find local instructors here.