Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in South London

South London contains some of the most densely populated areas of the Greater London Area. Croydon is especially well-populated, with a over 363,000 residents calling the southern-most borough of London home. The dense population found in Southern London is juxtaposed with the more rural or suburban nature of this part of the city. This creates the opportunity for a diverse range of personality types to engage with one another. This part of London is far enough away from the hubbub of the city-proper, but close enough for residents to enjoy all of the benefits of living near Central London.

Urban Architecture in South London

South London has a large amount of interesting buildings for tourists to visit. The downtown areas of Bromley and Croydon are especially popular with tourists. This is because these city centres offer an interesting connection between the United Kingdom of the past and the United Kingdom of the present.

The Croydon Clocktower is a very popular stop for tourists visiting South London. It is especially popular for travelling photographers, due to its imposing and ornate nature. The red Clocktower connects a number of municipal buildings throughout Croydon, including the town hall and the library. Tours of the Clocktower are available on a regular basis.

Down House in Bromley is a farm house from the late 1600s that is most famous as the home of Charles Darwin. Darwin and his family lived here from 1842 until his death in 1882. The house is noted as a prime example of the typical English country home. The entire house and grounds are accessible to tourists on a regular basis for photography and historical education.

Urban Photography in South London

South London offers photographers a unique range of subjects to photograph. This makes it a hotspot for photography groups. It also makes this area of London very popular with travelling tourists looking to snap some interesting pictures during their trip.

The Croydon Camera Club is one of two very prestigious camera clubs in the South London area. The other club is called the Bromley Camera Club, and both of these clubs are well-known for the excellent photographers that fill their ranks. The websites for both of these camera clubs are full of excellent information on photography in the region. The Croydon Camera Club also has a very useful legal guide on its website that talks about the legalities of shooting in public spaces throughout the United Kingdom. The Bromley Camera Club offers a number of interesting photographs of important landmarks in the South London area.

Urban Tours in South London

Croydon is seeing a major advancement of the industry surrounding historical tours. Historians have brought a significant amount of forgotten history back into the forefront of English culture. This has led to a growth in historical tourism around South London as people are interested in learning about this under-reported history. As a result, many tour groups have popped up to offer walking tours and coach tours of the city and of the outlying regions to tourists. These tours cover everything from full-day journeys to intensive historical journeys that deal with one aspect of South London's history.

For example, Croydon Tours is among the most popular touring groups operating in South London. The tours offered by Croydon Tours are designed by historical professionals to give the best overall insight on the history of South London. The company also offers private tours with special groups, all of which can be personalised along the lines of whatever the group is interested in seeing.

Getting to and around South London

Getting around in South London couldn't be easier. There are various modes of transportation available including a range of services from TFL which include tubes, buses, District Light Railway and a newly extended Overground route. You can also take advantage of cycle pathways in the area or drive a personal vehicle such as a motorbike or car. If you have yet to take your driving test and are looking to find a qualified driving instructor in South London you can do so on this site.