Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Southampton

The city of Southampton is one of the oldest continuously-populated cities in the United Kingdom. Inhabited since the Stone Age, the city has seen a significant amount of change over the centuries. The group of bartering nomads that once existed here has since been replaced by a thriving city of industry and art. With a population of roughly a quarter of a million people, there are no shortage of cultural experiences to be had here. Tourists to this city will find everything that one would expect from a city of this size, which stands as the cultural and industrial centre of this region of England.

Southampton is also home to a diverse range of architectural marvels, which the city owes mostly to its long-standing heritage. Everyone from the Anglo-Saxons to the Normans to the Romans have left an indelible mark on this city. This provides a unique set of opportunities for the interested visitor to catch a glimpse of England's rich history.

Urban Architecture in Southampton

With such a long history, Southampton has its fair share of ancient architectural relics. Some of the oldest architecture in the city comes in the form of ruins left by the Roman invasion around 40 AD. It is worth mentioning that the port at Southampton has led to the city seeing quite a lot of bloodshed and carnage during more lawless times. The Romans fought battles here. The Normans invaded here. The French sacked Southampton in the 1300s. The Black Death reached England via the ports here. This means that whatever ancient architecture that yet stands has been through quite a lot of turmoil.

The City Walls of Southampton are now crumbling, but still accessible to tourists. The barricade was put up by Edward III to help fend off the French invasion of Charles Grimaldi in 1338. They remain standing now as a testament to the embattled fortifications that were commonly used during that time period.

The Thornycroft Shipbuilding Yard is a large part of the shipbuilding prowess that placed Southampton on the map. The entire dockyard area is teeming with prime examples of English shipbuilding facilities. The whole city is well-known as a major port for shipping containers now, but the history of shipping in this city goes well beyond simply transporting cargo. In fact, the RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton on its doomed voyage. A full third of the deaths from that tragedy were of Southampton residents.

Urban Photography in Southampton

The ancient history of this city has made it a popular tourist stop for photographers. Many photographers make their way specifically to Southampton to get a glimpse of the falling ruins of various occupiers. Most of the people coming here for photography note the draw of the English shipyards still in operation here. One of the most popular photography groups here is known as the Southampton Camera Club. Its members focus on a wide variety of subjects. Many of the group's members focus on the encompassing landscape of the area with their photography. Others rely on the unique architectural heritage of the area as their muse. The group website offers great photography information on the surrounding area.

Urban Tours in Southampton

The Southampton Tourist Guides Association is the hub for information on tourism in the areas around Southampton. The city itself is home to a large number of tour companies that specialise in everything from walking tours to coach tours. The group is really a consortium of all of the legitimate tour groups operating in Southampton. The website for the Southampton Tourist Guides Association is full of very useful information to help you find a qualified, exceptionally knowledgeable tour guide for your trip.

Getting to and around Southampton

Central Train Station. Local residents of visitors to Southampton will find a well established road network system Getting to and around the City of Southampton is easy thanks to a range of transportation options. Southampton is home to Southampton Airport as well as Southampton Port, along with Southampton. If you don't drive yet you can find a list of local driving schools in Southampton here.