Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Reading

Reading is a city and borough that is inhabited by roughly 150,000 people. It is in close proximity to London, being only 1 hour outside of the city centre. Despite its proximity to the largest city in England, Reading actually has a net influx of commuters during workdays. This is due primarily to the significant level of growth that Reading has experienced over the past few decades. The insurance and technology industries are finding a particularly strong foothold here.

Reading is also one of the more artistically-inclined cities near London. Every year, the city holds the Reading Festival, which is one of the largest music festivals in England. Since it has been inhabited since the 8th century, Reading also has a long history that draws many tourists annually. The architecture and historic value of various parts of the city make it popular with both foreign and British tourists.

Urban Architecture in Reading

Architecture in Reading spans centuries and shows the influence of a number of different influential cultural groups. Some of the buildings in town are noted mostly for their historical significance. Others are noted for their architectural significance. However you look at it, there are many buildings in town that have drawn the careful eye of many tourists.

One of the most famous buildings in Reading is Reading Abbey. The abbey has a number of adjoining buildings, each with their own unique cultural heritage. There are many ruins left of the old abbey, but only two main buildings still remain: the abbey gateway and the hospitium. The abbey gateway was built during the middle ages and is noted as the school where famous English author Jane Austin was educated. The hospitium was used as a dormitory for travelling pilgrims. Both exhibit a strong architectural influence indicative of buildings from this period and are large tourist draws in the area.

The Reading Civic Centre is one of the more modern of the commonly visited architectural pieces in the city. It's blocked off, angular construction makes it stand out as a unique building among the more artistic and elegant buildings that share the area.

Urban Photography in Reading

Photography is a major draw in this city. Tourists can take photos of everything from the rolling hillside of Berkshire County to the diverse buildings in Reading city centre. One of the most popular photography groups here is the Whitchurch Hill Camera Club. This club is one of the largest and oldest camera clubs in Berskhire County. The club sports a large list of members who focus on many different styles of photography. The website for the Whitchurch Hill Camera Club is an extremely useful resource for any visiting photographers. It provides a gallery of images taken from its members that give visiting photographers a heads-up on great locations for pictures.

Urban Tours in Reading

Tours in reading are mostly done by coach. There is definitely no shortage of walking tours around the city, but coach tours allow people to soak in more of the city's historic value. Coach trips focusing on Reading and surrounding Berkshire county are especially popular. They provide tourists with a wide variety of sights that are more likely to give visitors a sense of place while visiting the area.

Getting to and around Reading

Local residents or visitors to the town of Reading can access a variety of transportation options including road and rail services. Reading Train Station offers regular services to London Paddington station with a journey time of approximately thirty minutes. Car or motorbike drivers will find the town of Reading easily accessible via the road network. If you have not yet obtained your full UK drivers license you can find an excellent selection of fully qualified driving instructors in the Reading area on DrivingSchools.co.uk.