Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Nottingham

Nottingham is known around the world as the home of iconic medieval hero Robin Hood. However, there is a lot more to the history and culture of this city than storybook heroes. The city was a pivotal player in the industrial revolution and was one of the most important places in the United Kingdom for tobacco. This entire city has a distinctive air that embraces the storybook nature of its name and the bold truth of its history. This makes Nottingham a very popular stop for visitors to the United Kingdom and for residents of England as well.

Urban Architecture in Nottingham

Most historians state that Nottingham has been settled since roughly 600 AD, but it wasn't officially given a charter until 1897. Due to its long and storied history, the city has an enormous diversity in architectural styles to enjoy. Some of the most popular places to visit involve the city's industrial history and its centre of government.

The Adams building was once a warehouse for lace during the Victorian era. As a relic of those Victorian times, this warehouse looks nothing like the warehouses most people are used to seeing. This building is covered in extremely ornate designs, carvings, and accents. Many refer to it as the finest standing example of a Victorian lace warehouse in the world. The building is now a meeting place for commerce and personal use in town, allowing regular tours.

The Nottingham Council House was built in 1929 and is indicative of the long-standing nature of the city itself. The building is comprised of a unique, ornate stone pillared facade that melts into the surrounding landscape of the city. The building is definitely one of the most unique buildings in the whole city.

Urban Photography in Nottingham

Photography is a very popular activity for the people of Nottingham. With a bustling downtown, a diverse array of unique historical districts, and a rustic countryside, Nottingham has a little something for everyone. These things have all come together to place Nottingham in a unique position among other English towns. It attracts people who have a love for artistic and historical photography.

One of the most popular photography groups in the city is the Nottingham and Notts Photography Society. The group is comprised of dedicated photographers from the area who love photographing the diverse offerings of Nottingham. They have a photography contest every year where people can compete for prizes in a number of different categories. Visitors can also often find a photographic display put on by the group in one of the many museums, cafes, or bars in town. This is the group to turn to for any information on unique, interesting historical places to take pictures that are off of the beaten path.

Urban Tours in Nottingham

It is difficult to find a tour in Nottingham that doesn't have to do with the iconic heroes and villains of the city's past. Much of the draw of this city is learning about the truth of Robin Hood and the many other unique denizens attributed to the city. As such, most of the popular tours around the city involve some aspect of this "heroes and villains" motif.

This is exemplified by the Heroes and Villains of Nottingham Tour put on the by the local heritage foundation. On this tour, visitors are given an inside look at historically accurate facts surrounding Robin Hood and other famous Nottingham residents. The tour talks about everything from the town's first suspected vampire to its first Olympians. All the while, visitors are taken to a large number of interesting locations throughout the city. Whatever your personal tastes you are sure to find an urban tour of Nottingham to suit your interests.

Getting to and around Nottingham

The city of Nottingham is accessible via air, rail and road. Visitors or residents looking to travel by air can do so via East Midlands International Airport. Nottingham railway stations offers regular services to a variety of UK destinations and the city itself is home to the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) which is a light railway system. You can choose to drive to both to and within the city of Nottingham via car or motorbike. If you don't yet have your UK driving licenses and are looking for a fully qualified driving instructor in the Nottingham area you can do so on this site.