Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in North London

North London is a place where independence and strength are a part of the everyday fabric of life. This area of London is traditionally a very industry-based area, fully reliant on the factories and production infrastructure started during the Industrial Revolution. Over time, this part of the city has developed into a number of individualised areas that all have their own unique character. Visitors to London often stop by the areas of Enfield and Finchley to experience the more "suburban" lifestyle found here in North London. There are also a number of popular buildings in north London that are a large tourist draw.

Urban Architecture in North London

Architecture in Northern London is somewhat more subdued than in Central or Southern London. Many of the most popular buildings in Northern London are very understated studies on specific architectural time periods. While this may sound a bit less glamorous than the immense cathedrals of Central London, it provides photographers with the chance to capture something that won't be on everyone's itinerary during their trip.

Forty Hall is one of these understated buildings. Finished by 1632, Forty Hall was built by the Tudors as a luxury estate. One of the most interesting facts about the estate is that it was not developed by a well-known architect of the time. The architect is actually unknown and is classified only as a "clever artisan builder." This alone makes Forty Hall unique among its contemporary structures.

Urban Photography in North London

Photographers in the northern reaches of London are keenly aware of the industrial heritage of Enfield and other North London towns. Due to this keen awareness, it is not uncommon to find these photographers exploring the industrial or downtown areas of their local town. While these camera clubs provide a great service in documenting the heritage of these areas, they also play a special role for tourists visiting the area. The websites they set up are often rife with excellent information about the area that visitors can use to get the most out of a trip.

The Enfield Camera Club is one such club. This is one of the most popular camera clubs in Northern London. Not everyone here is specifically from the Enfield area which means that you will be given a glimpse of more than just one town when you visit the Enfield Camera Club website. The site is full of excellent information for tourists and local photographers alike.

Urban Tours in North London

The exact tour group you go with will depend on the things you want to see during your time in North London. If you want to visit the historic downtown of Enfield or the religious centres of Finchley, you may be best off with a walking tour group. However, more in-depth tour arrangements will include a a coach service.

For example, there are many places of worship with historical merit that are grouped relatively close together in Finchley. Larger tours that visit the various industrial centres of Enfield and other Northern London areas will require a coach. At the very least, they will require you to rent a car. Whichever route you take, London Tours is able to help with the logistics. This tour company offers many different tour options and is also willing to help with things like arranging car rentals.

Getting to and around North London

There are a number of options available for those who wish to travel to North London for either work or leisure. Transport for London (TFL) provides a range of routes via either London Underground stations or the bus network. North London also has extensive cycle routes which is another popular way to travel in the area. You can also choose to drive a car or motorcycle in North London. If you don't drive yet you can find a list of local driving schools in North London on DrivingSchools.co.uk.