Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Newcastle

Newcastle is a city that is perhaps most famous as the birthplace of the world-renowned Newcastle Brown Ale. However, the city has a rich history that is not limited in the least to famous alcoholic beverages. The city also has an extremely rich industrial heritage, with a significant amount of its development occurring in the years of the industrial revolution. This town has something special for the history lover in everyone, along with a large number of unique buildings constructed hundreds of years ago. Newcastle may provide some of the most diverse options for tourists of any large city in the United Kingdom.

Urban Architecture in Newcastle

There are a number of very ancient structures visible from one of the many commuter trains throughout the city of Newcastle. The architecture is said to be one of the major reasons that people visit Newcastle, and there are many unique buildings all over the city. The relics of the industrial era are popular spots here, but the real draw seems to be the medieval architecture.

Newcastle Castle is the oldest building in the city and is visible from Newcastle central station. The history of the castle's keep stretches back all the way to the year 1080. It was originally constructed as a defensive structure for the river Tyne during the Roman occupation of England. The keep has seen many different structures added, and then removed by war or necessity. The keep itself stands strong, offering visitors tours of the supposedly haunted rooms.

Urban Photography in Newcastle

Newcastle has an active community of photographers operating in the city as professionals and amateurs. Architectural photography is especially popular here, with the many old buildings providing a unique backdrop to photos taken here. Most of the popular photography groups have a specific focus, allowing people to find a group that best suits their photographic interests.

The Newcastle Photography Group is one of the most popular photography groups in the city. There is a big focus on the industrial past and the current waterfront, but there are many other aspects of Newcastle enjoyed by members. The group is open to new members and is known for being welcoming to all. Even tourists can stop by meetings to get a little insight on the best places to photograph specific things around the city.

Urban Tours in Newcastle

There are a lot of different ways to tour this city and experience its rich history. Visitors are welcome to take on one of the many self-guided walking tours of the city. There are many self-guided tours that visit some of the most popular heritage sites around the city, including the infamous Newcastle Castle keep. These self-guided tours allow visitors to stop and really admire what they are visiting on their own terms. However, there are some people who would rather take tours of the city using a tour guide service.

One of the more well-known and respected tour companies in Newcastle is Newcastle City Tours. This company offers a dynamic range of tours for their clients, including everything from architectural tours to historical tours. People visiting Newcastle to experience the striking architecture will be especially at home with this tour company since there are many architecture-specific options to choose from. Visitors also have the option of visiting the many different neighbourhoods that comprise the city of Newcastle. This allows visitors to get a comprehensive understanding of the city by immersing visitors in both the rich past and bustling present of Newcastle.

Getting to and around Newcastle

Newcastle provides a selection of travel options both to residents and visitors to the city. Newcastle is home to Newcastle Airport, which serves both the UK and a number of international destinations. Newcastle Central Train Stations offers regular rail services and the public transportation network supports both bus, coach and metro services. If you wish to drive your car in Newcastle you will find an extensive road network system. Not driving yet? If you're looking for a qualified local driving instructor in the Newcastle area you can find one here.