Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Liverpool

The architecture of Liverpool lends itself to amazing tours and exceptional photographic opportunities. With its rich cultural history and long-standing architectural marvels, Liverpool has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for modern architecture or architecture from the reign of the infamous Tudors, you can find it here.

Tudor Architecture and Elizabethan Architecture

While little remains of this ancient architecture, some yet exists. For example, Speke Hall is a very popular example of wattle-and-daub housing popular from the Tudor era. Major construction of Speke Hall began in 1530 and continued for 68 years until 1598. Photography and history tours are available at Speke Hall regularly.

Croxteth Hall is a popular example of architecture that spans a variety of architectural periods. The hall began construction in 1575, during the Tudor era. However, a substantial portion of the home was finished during the Elizabethan period, with those influences being obvious. This is a popular area for urban explorers and photographers looking to see a famous example of English architecture.

Victorian Architecture

Some of the most popular areas in Liverpool for urban explorers are centred around the docks. The docks themselves are a pivotal part of the history of Liverpool, and many distinctive buildings call the docks home. For example, Albert Dock is a prime example of Victorian architecture while also holding some historical significance. Albert Dock was the first fully-enclosed dock in the world built from completely non-flammable materials.

The Philharmonic Dining Room is another classic example of Victorian architecture, putting the ornate styling of the era on full display. The entire dining room is outfitted with extravagant furnishing and has a somewhat gilded appearance to it. This is a popular place for photographers looking to get an image of classic Victorian noble-life. The ornate Victorian toilets here are also a draw for tourists.

Modern Architecture

There are a number of modern buildings throughout Liverpool that are worth mentioning. One of the most popular is West Tower, which is home to restaurants, apartments, and the headquarters of the Beetham Organisation. There are many architectural tours that tourists can take to get more acquainted with the architecture here.

Photographic and Historical Tours in Liverpool

The Liverpool Walk of Faith is a self-guided tour that takes visitors through the diverse religious communities of Liverpool. It is set up through the Heritage Trails foundation of Liverpool and the map is available free online.

The Discovery Trail of the World Heritage Waterfront is a new and popular trail that teaches people about the history of the docks in Liverpool. The docks here are absolutely central to the development of the city and are one of the most important historical areas in town. There are also some significant buildings in the area that are popular with photographers.

The University of Liverpool Architecture Department tour is very popular with photographers and lovers of history alike. The university is home to one of the most active architectural departments in the United Kingdom, and there is a lot for everyone to see here. There is also a guided portion through some areas in Liverpool that are designated as World Heritage sites.

Urban Tours in Liverpool

There are a lot of things to see in Liverpool for people who enjoy experiencing the architecture of the United Kingdom. This city is especially popular as a place where visitors can actually view the progression of architecture from ancient to modern. Whether you are interested in architecture from the Tudor era or want to see something flashy and new, it can be found in Liverpool.

Getting to and around Liverpool

The city of Liverpool is home to an international airport, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, a mainline railway stations, Liverpool Central Train station, and an extensive road network. Public transportation options in Liverpool also include numerous bus and coach routes throughout the city and beyond. Liverpool has direct road links to many major areas and cities in England for travelers wishing to drive their own vehicle. If you don't yet have your UK drivers license you can find an excellent list of fully qualified local driving instructors in Liverpool here.