Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Leicester

The city of Leicester has seen its fair share of history. In fact, the historical significance of many buildings here is a major part of the city's draw to tourists. They come to see the unique juxtaposition of ancient buildings with modern design, which is something you can't easily find these days. When interesting architecture and an enveloping history collide, the result is often a very popular stop for visitors.

Urban Architecture in Leicester

Leicester has a unique distinction in the UK as home to some of the oldest architecture still standing in England. The architecture found in Leicester ranges from the modern to the ancient, with one standing structure being nearly 2,000 years old. The diversity of architecture here is a big draw for photographers, history hobbyists, and general tourists alike.

The oldest structure in Leicester is the 2,000 year old Jewry Wall. The wall is part of the now destroyed western edge of a public building of Roman England. The building that the wall helped to create is a mystery to this day, with no reputable historical documents definitively saying what the building was used for. What remains is something that has been called a jewel of Roman architecture on the British Isles.

Leicester cathedral is another commonly-visited landmark of the city. The cathedral is nearly 1,000 years old and is a popular example of the Gothic style of the time. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city, but among many other buildings that are similarly aged.

Urban Photography in Leicester

There are a lot of interesting places to photograph throughout the city of Leicester. Photographers are able to focus on two major things that are specifically important around this area. First, the ancient architecture of the area is obviously a major draw to photographers in the area. The English countryside is a popular photographic subject for visiting photographers. The rural areas just outside of Leicester are full of farms that still operate in an old-world style. Some of the surrounding farms even offer tours for visitors for a nominal fee.

The Leicester Photographers Group is a very popular group in the city. The people that photograph here focus on many different styles. The group welcomes contact from outside visitors and is more than happy to help visitors find unique photographic locations.

Urban Tours in Leicester

Getting around Leicester to see the sights may require you to have access to a car if you want to see everything. However, there are a number of other options available to people who know where to look. These include walking tours and tours by private coach.

Woods Coach is one of the most popular touring options in the area of Leicester. The company provides a wide range of coach services that take people all over the area on historical and other types of tours. They have specialty tours that are set up with special routes that take visitors around some of the most important historical monuments in the area. There are also many coach tours available that stop off at important areas for long periods of time, allowing visitors to go on self-guided walking tours before being driven back to their hotel.

Getting to and around Leicester

Getting around Leicester is easy do to thanks to an extensive public transportation network, which offers both rail and bus routes. Leicester Train station provides regular services to a number of destinations throughout the UK, with fast train to London St Pancras taking just over an hour. If you choose to travel via car or motorbike you will find an excellent and easily accessible road network. Not got your UK driving licence yet? Start learning today with a fully qualified local driving instructor in the Leicester area.