Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Leeds

Leeds is the second most populated city in the country of England, with a population of nearly 800,000 people. It is also one of the most important cultural and financial hubs in the entire country. This city is popular with tourists and English citizens alike because of the unique mixture of benefits that it provides. It provides people with all of the benefits of living in a large, affluent, and culturally significant city. However, it does so without compromising the individuality of those living here and the unique nature of the varied communities that reside within it.

Urban Architecture in Leeds

Leeds is home to some very interesting pieces of architecture. The type of buildings found here run the gamut from the ancient to the ultra modern. Nearly every type of architectural style from the medieval period to the 21st century can be found in this city. Due to this, architectural sightseeing is a very popular pastime.

Leeds City Square is arguably the most popular destination in town for visitors interested in learning about the architecture of the city. The buildings here range from Victorian to contemporary. The old post office building stands right next to the very modern No. 1 City Square building, providing an impressive comparison between two very different styles.

Urban Photography in Leeds

There are a number of active photography groups in the city of Leeds. Some of them focus on specific subjects like architecture, people, or public spaces around the city. These groups can be a great resource for visitors and residents alike. This is because the members of these groups often have very specific, insider knowledge on great places to photograph in town.

One of the most popular photography groups in Leeds is also the oldest. The Leeds Photographic Society was started in 1852 as a way to enhance interest in what was then a fledgling art form. At the time, personal photography was not even remotely as popular of a pastime as it is today. Now, the Leeds Photographic Society helps spread interest in photography by running special events and hosting the occasional workshop. Travellers can visit the online photo gallery of the Leeds Photographic Society to get a good idea of what areas can offer the best photos. However, remember that photography here is not limited to the Leeds area. There are many photographers in this group that have international portfolios.

Urban Tours in Leeds

Leeds has a lot to offer in terms of tours, no matter what your interests are there is an established and popular tour to suit your requirements. There are also a number of tours that are designed to accompany specific activities. For example, there are pub tours, food tours, and photography-based tours.

For information on tours in Leeds, the best resource is Visit Leeds. The Visit Leeds website is very informative and easy to navigate. When you do your research through Visit Leeds, you will have access to a very large range of potential tours. You can piece your own tour together through information here, or you can purchase a specialty tour. However you approach your tour in Leeds, you can definitely find all the information you need through the Visit Leeds website.

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Getting to and around Leeds

The city of Leeds is easily accessible via a range of transportation options. Whether you are a local resident of Leeds or planning visit for work or pleasure there is a travel option to suit your needs. Leeds Bradford International Airport offers daily services both within the UK and abroad while Leeds Railway station is the one of the busiest in the country outside of London. Road travel users can opt for public buses, taxis, coach services or private car. If you are yet to obtain your UK drivers license and are looking for a qualified local driving instructor in Leeds here.