Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom, with a population hovering around 600,000 at any given time. This makes it the third most populated city in the UK, as well as the most populated city in the entire country of Scotland. It is home to a very rich history and some of the most important battles of the past 600 years have been fought throughout Scotland, with significant military engagements going back all the way to the Roman occupation. There is a huge diversity of things to do and see in Glasgow.

Urban Architecture in Glasgow

Glasgow is home to some truly unique architecture. Visitors to this bustling city will find that there is a definite focus on retaining the history of the city while pursuing new architectural horizons. This has led to the interesting juxtaposition of ancient and modern buildings in a way that some have regarded as somewhat surreal.

The Glasgow City Chambers is a must-visit location in the city for anyone looking for pure Victorian architecture. The building has been used as the headquarters of the city council since the late 1800's, and is a popular destination for photographers. The building has a number of sharp-edged spires and the entire layout is fairly imposing as many buildings from this period are.

Conversely, the Glasgow Science Centre is an extremely modern building that utilises an almost futuristic motif. The building was built specifically for use as a science centre, and there are many purpose-built aspects of the structure that reflect this singular design. This building is a very popular stop for anyone interested in viewing the ultra-modern after experiencing the ancient.

Urban Photography in Glasgow

The Glasgow Photographers group is one of the most popular photography groups in the city. It is a very loose-knit group full of people that have a very diverse range of photographic interests. The group is also a very good resource for anyone interested in learning more about the best places to take pictures in the city. You can find out more information on the Glasgow Photographers group by taking a look at its online photo gallery. Instead of wandering around trying to find reasonably interesting places to photograph, you can use this resource to assist you with your search.

Urban Tours in Glasgow

With the large array of historical areas in the area of Glasgow, tours are a very popular pastime for both residents and visitors. Residents of Glasgow are known to be very involved in local history, especially when it relates to their beloved Scotland. As such, there are a lot of tours available that cover a wide range of historical, cultural, and natural interests.

One of the most popular sightseeing tour around Glasgow is operated by City Sightseeing Glasgow. The company is rated with four stars from the Scottish Tourist Board, and the official Glasgow tour offered here is very popular. On the tour, people are given access to a real image of what Glasgow is all about. There is a heavy focus on the areas of Glasgow that have some sort of cultural significance within the history of Scotland so you can expect any real tour of Glasgow to contain a significant amount of historical context.

Getting to and around Glasgow

You can travel to and around the city of Glasgow by a variety of options including air, road, train and subway. Glasgow is served by Glasgow International Airport (GLA), Glasgow Queen Street Railway station, suburban rail run by First ScotRail and by using the underground metro system. Road users can travel by bus, taxi or private vehicle. If you don't drive yet you can find a list of local driving schools in Glasgow here.