Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the second largest city in Scotland, despite being the capital city of the country. Like any Scottish city, Edinburgh is steeped in the rich history of the Scots, and it holds a very special place in the heart of Scottish culture.

Urban Architecture in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is an excellent example of what the world looks like when the past and the present collide. It is not uncommon to find very old buildings surrounding new ones as an expression of a never-forgotten past. There are many great buildings to view during your stay. One of the most popular buildings in the area is Edinburgh Castle. The castle has been in almost constant use since the 12th century AD, always standing watch on top of Castle Rock. The popularity of this castle has not waned over time, and Edinburgh Castle remains one of the most sought-out castles in the world by tourists. Much of this comes from the fact that the castle is in extremely good repair considering its age.

Urban Photography in Edinburgh

As with any other city steeped in historical significance, Edinburgh has a thriving community of photographers. Photography here can focus on anything from landscapes to architecture. Since there is such a diverse range of things to photograph in the city, many people spend their time becoming experts with one specific aspect. This can actually work in your favour if you are just visiting for a few days and want to find a particular place to photograph. If you can get a hold of members from one of the many photography clubs in town, they can likely steer you toward some of the best photography spots.

One of the most popular photography groups in town is the Edinburgh Photographic Society. The society meets regularly to trade notes and share stories while showcasing new pictures. The club meetings are open to anyone interested in photography, so tourists can stop by to learn from members. The group is especially welcoming to visitors who are looking to get the most out of their trip to Edinburgh.

Urban Tours in Edinburgh

Tours are very popular in Edinburgh. Some people prefer to walk along self-defined routes to discover this city on their own terms. Others are more interested in working with one of the many tour operators in the city. The option you select should be based off of your current knowledge of the area.

If you aren't very knowledgeable about the city, then you may want to consider going with a tour company. Tour companies often offer special tours that provide a unique historical tale of a specific aspect of Edinburgh. These tours are generally the most popular with visitors and are the ones most commonly requested. Edinburgh Tours is a great company offering some very unique tours that are very popular with residents and visitors alike.

Getting to and around Edinburgh

The historic city of Edinburgh is a popular choice for tourists and business travelers alike as well as being home to a population of nearly half a million residents. Getting to and around Edinburgh is easy thanks to a variety of transportation options. You can choose to fly into Edinburgh Airport, take the train into Edinburgh Waverley railway station or sue the suburban rail network, Edinburgh Crossrail. Car travel is also a popular choice for both visitors and locals. If you don't yet have your UK driver's license and are looking to book driving lessons with a qualified local instructor in Edinburgh you can do so on this site.