Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Central London

Central London is home to a wide variety of architectural points of interest ranging from the ancient to the modern. London is the most populated city in the whole of the United Kingdom. As a result, there are numerous things to see and do in this impressive city. The architecture of London is a major draw for tourists every year, with a significant amount of visitors coming to view the outstanding buildings, monuments and attractions. However, there is also a thriving cultural scene here and a rich, storied history that makes tours very popular as well.

Urban Architecture in Central London

The architecture of Central London is dominated by a large amount of new developments that have overtaken the skyline. However, much still remains of the ancient buildings that give London its distinctive character.

Heron Tower, also known as 110 Bishopsgate, is one of the three tallest buildings in Central London. The building has a mixed-use purpose, allowing for everything from offices to restaurants and bars. It was built with sustainability in mind, as it generates a significant amount of its electricity from a solar power array on the roof.

City Hall has a unique egg-shaped design that makes it stand out among the other buildings around it. When the old city hall was found to be too lacking in terms of efficiency, this thoroughly unique design was developed. Everything about this building is modern, from the overall style of the architecture to the focus on sustainability.

Urban Photography in Central London

Given the extremely diverse nature of what can be found in Central London, it is not uncommon to see photographers everywhere you go. Many of these amateur photographers are visitors taking pictures of their trip. However, not everyone taking photos of iconic buildings in the city centre is from out of town. There is a thriving base of photographers living in Central London for whom photography is a much loved hobby.

The most popular photographic group in Central London is a satellite group of London Independent Photography called "the Central London Group." This group is home to a large amount of avid photographers who revel in everything that comprises the livelihood of Central London. These photographers specialise in catching glimpses of the most interesting aspects of the city, even if that means simply catching a commonly-visited building in a unique new way. The group's website contains a number of different pictures that could be of great use to visiting photographers looking for an interesting place to take photos.

Urban Tours in Central London

Tours through Central London are extremely popular. There are a lot of different options for people who are looking to take in the sights here. The award winning walking tour company Mind the Gap offers a gourmet walking tour of London's famous markets as well as a historical walking tour of London's finest pubs. Walking tours of famous religious and musical centres in London are also very popular with visitors to central London.

Coach tours and walking tours are the most commonly used tours in Central London, with both offering their unique perspective on the city. While some places can be adequately experienced via tour coach, others are better accessed and experienced via a walking or even bike tour.

For example, the broad scope of some of the larger tours offered by Central London Guided Coach Tours are definitely more conducive to a ride in a coach. These tours offer everything from full day tours to quick morning tours that only cover the "essential" areas of central London. But if you want to really experience particular alleyways, pub crawls, churches and cathedrals, markets and so on the best way to do it is simply on foot.

Getting to and around Central London

There are numerous travel options available for getting around in Central London including the London Underground Network, Transport for London bus services, iconic black taxi's, tourist bicycle rickshaws, 'Boris' bikes or by car. If you don't have your UK driver's license yet you can use this site to find a qualified driving instructor. You should be aware that if you do choose to travel by car in the centre of London you will need to pay a congestion charge.