Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Bristol

Bristol is often referred to as the cultural capital of the entire southwest region of England. The metro zone is densely populated with a diverse range of people and a broad range of cultural cliques. Bristol is in a special position among other cities and counties in England in that it is so distant from other major areas of development. This makes Bristol a place where artists, business leaders and other leaders tend to flock to. As a result, there are a number of very interesting and worthwhile things to see and do while you are visiting this important English city.

Urban Architecture in Bristol

Bristol has an extremely loyal following of architectural tourists who visit to view the pre-Georgian and neo-Georgian architecture that is most prevalent throughout the city. The architecture here is a major inspiration for the artists that flock to Bristol, and it is one of the more defining characteristics of this city. In Bristol, there are a few specific buildings that are of the most significant importance. These buildings are the Council House and Bristol Cathedral.

The Council House is essentially a concrete framed building that is indicative of the neo-Georgian period. This period is usually exemplified by the juxtaposition of gilded elegance and structural utilitarianism. This is best displayed by the gilded unicorns that stand guard outside of the otherwise simple, straightforward building.

The Bristol Cathedral is a unique blend of the Norman and Gothic styles of architecture. This is due mostly to the heavy Viking presence in south-western England during the early 11th century. The cathedral grounds are expansive and add a significant amount of scope to the cathedral. Regularly scheduled tours give visitors a great deal of access to the building.

Urban Photography in Bristol

This part of England has seen an exceptionally diverse range of cultures over the past 2,000 years. Due to this heritage, there are a number of things that draw photographers down to Bristol for the sole purpose of photographing the countryside or one of the Gothic buildings that dot the landscape. In response to this, Bristol has become something of a photography hotspot in Southern England. Everyone from foreign tourists to photographers can be found on the streets of Bristol, camera in hand.

The Bristol Photographic Society is one of the oldest, most well-respected photographic institutions in the area. The society is very involved in the local community and puts on a lot of exhibits around town. The Bristol Photographic Society is also a major proponent of helping the community to develop a passion for photography. The group aims to do this by providing a list of interesting places to shoot right on its website. Members are also heavily involved with a number of other educational activities throughout the city.

Urban Tours in Bristol

Visit Bristol is the most popular travel group in the city and offers an enormous range of tour packages that cover every conceivable aspect of the city. The packages include walking tours, charter bus tours, car tours, and even boat trips. The group also provides a lot of different "speciality" packages that focus on a specific aspect of the history of Bristol.

For example, Bristol has been a heavily travelled port area for generations. Everyone from Vikings to pirates found their way to the docks of Bristol. As a way to honour that past, Visit Bristol has developed some interpretive tours that follow the history of Vikings and pirates in Bristol. Whatever your interests you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect urban tour of the city of Bristol.

Getting to and around Bristol

Bristol is easily accessible via a variety of transportation options including an extensive public bus and rail network. Regional services are available from either Bristol Parkway or Bristol Temple Meads train stations. If you opt to fly then you can do so via Bristol Airport, or you could choose to use the ferry service. Travelling by car or motorbike is also an easy option due to well maintained roads in the Bristol area. If you don't drive yet you can find a selection of local driving schools here.