Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Birmingham

Birmingham has a rich cultural heritage and a long, interesting history. As the second most populated city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham is a constant draw to tourists from around the world. The city also grew to major prominence as a manufacturing and development hub throughout the industrial revolution. All of these factors have come together to make Birmingham a very popular spot for photographers and history buffs. The architecture here gives one a full look at the many different periods that have influenced this highly populated, metropolitan city over the many years of its existence.

Urban Architecture in Birmingham

The architecture of Birmingham ranges from the old to the new, with medieval buildings being a staple of tours and photographers. There are also many popular examples of modern architecture in the downtown area of Birmingham.

The Lad in the Lane is a public house in Birmingham that dates back to the year 1400. An example of cruck timber building indicative of the medieval period, the Lad in the Lane is verified as the oldest building in Birmingham. This connection to the past makes this building a very popular spot for tourists and photographers from the area.

The Victorian Law courts are among the most visited of buildings in the area. The courts are a unique mixture of terracotta building with Victorian styling. The building stands out strongly against the more modern backdrop of the city around it. The courts were finished in 1891, four years after construction began.

Urban Photography in Birmingham

Photography is a very popular pastime in Birmingham, with a number of different photography clubs available. These clubs sometimes offer photography-based tours of various landmarks around Birmingham. They can also be a great source of information regarding the best places to photograph in Birmingham.

The Birmingham Photographic Society is one of the most prestigious photography groups operating in Birmingham. The group meets regularly at the Longbridge Methodist Church and discusses a wide range of subjects. There are often speeches and other presentations given at the meetings of the group. The Birmingham Photographic Society is also very open to newcomers or people looking to learn about photography in Birmingham. The group is known for being very welcoming to newcomers and very willing to help with any information that they can. This is even true for foreign tourists or other new visitors to the city of Birmingham.

Urban Tours in Birmingham

With such a long, storied history, Birmingham is home to many great tour routes. The local historical society can provide an excellent list of self-guided tour options. However, some people prefer to be guided through town by a knowledgeable guide.

Birmingham Tours is the most popular tour company in the city. They offer a wide range of cultural, architectural, and photographic tours around the important areas of Birmingham. There are trips of varying lengths, including walking tours and tours by car or bus. There are even tours of famous haunted houses. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to fine a tour of Birmingham to suit your requirements.

Getting to and around Birmingham

You have a choice of options available to you when it comes to getting to or around in the city of Birmingham. Birmingham Airport serves a number of routes both in the UK and internationally. The city of Birmingham is home to three major railway station, Birmingham New Street, Birmingham Snow Hill and Birmingham Moor Street. Birmingham also boasts an extensive Metro network along with numerous bus routes. Cycling is another popular choice or you can opt to travel by car. Don't have your driving licence yet? Start learning to drive today and find a qualified local instructor in the Birmingham area.