Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Bath

Bath holds a place of high significance in the history of the United Kingdom. Almost every culture that has ever called the British Isles home has left an indelible mark on this city. Some have left their mark through cultural influences and through small artefacts left around the countryside. Others have made their presence known through some of the most historically significant architecture still standing in the United Kingdom. The architecture here is so important that the United Nations has designated the entire city a World Heritage site. This is an honour that has been bestowed upon an extremely limited number of cities throughout the world.

Urban Architecture in Bath

There is simply no way to do adequate justice to the unique and important architecture found in Bath without devoting an entire textbook to the subject. However, there are a few unique spots in the city that are of special historical significance and cultural value. These buildings run the gamut from ancient to the modern. However, it should be noted that the World Heritage designation of the city has placed significant constraints on new development in the city. This means that the vast majority of buildings found in this city will be from before the 20th century.

The Roman Baths are perhaps the most historically significant buildings in the city. The Great Bath is itself a major tourist attraction. Tourists to the Roman Baths find themselves staring history in the face as they walk throughout a building that has seen a millennium of history. Another very popular architectural spot in the city is the Circus. The Circus consists of three enormous, curved buildings that create an expansive courtyard. The area is popular with painters, artists, and people out on tours and strolls. It is one of the largest circuses in the world.

One of the newest buildings in the city is the Bath Spa: Southgate. It is a thoroughly modern piece that stands out significantly against the backdrop of the otherwise historic city. The building has a unique, glass frontage that makes the building look as though it's melting into the surrounding city.

Urban Photography in Bath

The Bath Photographic Society is one of the oldest photography groups in the United Kingdom. Its members are avidly engaged in landscape and architectural photography. The website for the society is very informative and provides excellent information on great places to take photographs.

Urban Tours in Bath

With its rich and expansive history, tours of Bath have become a very popular visitor attraction. In fact, it's difficult to make your way through Bath on any given day without seeing at least one tourist group walking around town. Due to the prevalence of walking tours and coach tours in the city, it's important to have a good resource for finding the best, most reputable tour companies to work with.

Visit Bath is a very popular tourist website run by the city tourism board. It is full of excellent information that can used to find tour companies that are worth spending money on. The site also provides visitors with information on how to navigate popular tourist areas without a guide. If you feel comfortable embarking on a self-guided tour, this is the place to go for information.

Getting to and around Bath

The beautiful city of Bath is a major tourism hotspot in the UK with numerous visitors every year. If you are travelling to Bath from London you can take a ninety minute train drive from Paddington Station, or you could fly into Bristol Airport which is only twenty minutes away. Those who wish to drive to Bath can do so using the M4 or M5 Motorway networks. If you have not yet taken your UK driving test and are looking for a local qualified driving instructor in Bath you can do so here.