Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third most populated city in the country of Scotland. Aberdeen has a very strong presence in the lore of the country, and it has a significant role in the overall history of the country. Aberdeen is a very popular place for visitors from around the world, as well as more locally. This creates a number of very interesting and unique circumstances for anyone who is interested in visiting Aberdeen. In many ways, it almost feels as though one is privy to a more realistic vision of what Scotland is all about when visiting this popular city.

Urban Architecture in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has a significant amount of Victorian architecture left over from the late 1800s and early 1900s. While there are definitely a number of modern developments being built in the city, there is a strict desire to preserve the older architecture. The love of Scotland by its inhabitans has helped preserve many buildings throughout Aberdeen that may have otherwise fallen to.

Without a doubt, the best place to visit for a full view of what Aberdeen has to offer is Union Street. On this one street, there are dozens of very popular buildings and other structures to explore. This area is also very popular with photographers due to the unique look and feel of the buildings here. If you are only visiting the city for one day, Union Street is the place to go for a real look at the many types of architecture to see in Aberdeen.

Urban Photography in Aberdeen

Photography is a very popular hobby throughout Scotland, and this is no different in Aberdeen. Aberdeen has a very healthy and active community of professional and amateur photographers that thrive on photographing this city. As with any town of this size and age, there are quite a lot of "out of the way" places that most tourists are never really privy to. The photographers here in Aberdeen make it their mission to find these little nooks and see a new part of their city, and are also usually more than happy to share a little about their city with visitors.

Two of the most popular photography groups in Aberdeen are the Aberdeen Camera Club and the Bon Accord Camera Club. Both clubs are stocked with experienced photographers, and both are great resources for looking into what Aberdeen has to offer. The Bon Accord is geared more toward professional photographers and amateurs that are interested in developing their skills. Many people use the photo galleries on the Aberdeen Camera Club website as resources when they are planning their next trip to Aberdeen.

Urban Tours in Aberdeen

Touring Aberdeen is a very popular pastime for visitors and resident photographers alike. Most people like taking tours here as a way to learn more about something that they may see every day, but know very little about. The Aberdeen Tours company is one of the most widely-used options in town. The company has a very diverse range of tours, meaning visitors can get a very comprehensive view of the city of Aberdeen.

Getting to and around Aberdeen

Whatever your reason for travelling to or around Aberdeen you will find a range of travel options available. If you are coming from abroad or from other parts of the UK you can fly into Aberdeen airport or take the train or coach services. Once you have arrived in Aberdeen you can use public transportation bus routes or cycle around the city. You can also drive your own car or hire a vehicle from a rental company. Not got your driving license yet? You can start learning with a local qualified driving instructor in Aberdeen today.