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The Urban Exploration Project focuses on Urban Architecture, Urban Photography and Urban Tours in major locations across the UK.

The United Kingdom is known the world-over as the home of some of the most unique and impressive structures ever built. Since ancient times, a staggering array of different cultures have inhabited the United Kingdom. Many wars have raged all across this country. Invaders brought new ideas, new culture, and new architectural influences. Many prime examples of specific periods can be found throughout the United Kingdom. As a result, there is a reasonably large contingent of tourists who venture to areas in the United Kingdom solely to view the architecture. Below we list just a tiny taster of what the UK has to offer urban explorers:

Royal Albert Hall, London

One of the premiere concert venues in all of England, Royal Albert Hall is also commonly visited for its construction and design. The hall was completed in 1871 and has since become one of the most treasured buildings in London. Famous musical acts come here from around the world, the BBC holds its annual promenade concerts at the venue, and is regularly played by the likes of Eric Clapton and Shirley Bassey. The hall is built in the Victorian style with ornate detailing throughout the immense structure.

Kings College, Cambridge

Kings College is one of the United Kingdom's most striking and popular urban architectural landmarks outside of London. The college was originally commissioned by King Henry VII in 1441, but the iconic chapel was not completed until 1544. The college is often cited as one of the strongest examples of Gothic English architecture found anywhere in the world. The college is still well-used to this very day, with tours running throughout the property on a regular basis.

Windsor Castle, Windsor

Right at the edge of the city of Windsor stands one of the most famous buildings in the entire world: Windsor Castle. This castle has seen a rich and historic past, as it has played a role of some prominence in nearly every English monarchy since the Norman invasion. Over time, successive rulers have added a little more to the castle, making it a true walk back in time. Visitors can see a true successive design structure to the overall grounds that is very enlightening.

The Shard, London

The Shard is something of an architectural marvel of the modern United Kingdom. It was designed with all of the normal modern conveniences that one would expect of a metropolitan building. However, it has provided these conveniences while keeping efficiency at the forefront. It is one of the most efficient buildings of its size found anywhere in the world. Its unique shape has brought a lot of attention to it as well. The Shard lives up to its name as it looks literally like a shard of glass jutting out of the ground and dominating the London skyline. This building stands as a testament of new architectural styles standing shoulder to shoulder with ancient artefacts.

Bath Abbey, Bath

Bath is one of the most architecturally famous cities in the entire world. In fact, the architecture here is so precious that UNESCO has labelled Bath as a World Heritage city. People have inhabited the area surrounding Bath since pre-history. Meaning there is at least one building here to display the style of nearly every major architectural period. Bath Abbey is arguably the most infamous of all of these famous buildings. Much of what now stands of the abbey stems from reconstruction work completed in the 1860s. The abbey is noted as one of the largest structures in the world that employs the use of the perpendicular Gothic architectural style. It is an immense, imposing building that is extremely popular with tourists from around the world and from within the United Kingdom.

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